Offset Smoker Vs Kamado Which one is Best Smoker for You?

With your top craze for BBQ, there is a need to brief you about Offset Smoker vs Kamado. You will know which one is best for you according to your desired place, the value of money, and many other requirements. The thing is that both have the best and worse in their places. Both have different facts and faults. 

As both give the same work for making BBQ but the main difference in both Offset Smoker and Kamado Smoker is in shape and size. An offset smoker is designed horizontally and big enough in width while the kamado grill is designed in length but short in width.

Let’s explore for your ease to buy the best offset smoker and kamado grill as well.

What is an Offset Smoker?

An offset smoker is a manually BBQ grill smoker which is used mostly in the town of smokers. When you see the structure and know about the feature, you will fall into a craze to buy it. The offset grill is enough large to make loads of meals for your friends and family. Enjoy the nature and best weather while adjusting the offset in the garden and backyard.

What do we make on offset smokers?

The best backyard offset smoker is designed for you to enjoy your BBQ time if you want in an open environment by tasting the epic flavor of BBQ along with the Charcoal burning smell. Large enough grills are made of stainless steel with graceful vertical lines. You can keep set lots of food items such as full chicken, lambs, burgers, steaks, and other foodstuffs which you have.

All your food becomes juicy, crispy, fresh, and crispy all the time during smoke and heat due to grill and rack-designed style. Convert the taste of fuel into your food from the firebox to the cooking chamber.

How to set and start Offset Smoker?

You need to put some effort for set it manually. All the system for setting and adjusting is simply easy and quick. Firstly, combine all the parts. Set and combined with the nail both the main cooking chamber and firebox which is mainly called the charcoal box.

Burn the charcoal and other fuel types in the burning box. After burning put the wood and charcoal in the firebox and move the fan to level the fire to release smoke and heat as well. Charcoal taste and heat convert from firebox pipe to cooking area where the food is kept and cooked.

Slowly you can flip the food items to give balanced heat, so that prepare BBQ for enjoying. The smell of fuel is spreading with the blow of air. You can like it, especially in cool weather. All the facilities and reliabilities in one smoker give you an extra charm to make food more and more.

Keep Set and Clean

You can keep and place your spare things on the shelf which is designed for your convenience to keep all the sauces, tissues, dishes, grills, and other things. After using and enjoying your BBQ time from your Best Offset Smoker, then you need to keep clean it.

The easy and simple method to clean it. Remove the ash from the ash tray and clean with a soft cloth. Again, keep the ashtray in the firebox and use the offset smoker for the long journey.

Pros of Offset Smoker

  • There is a large enough cooking grate where you can cook loads of meals.
  • Cooking and firebox chamber are designed combined to convert heat and smoke but creates both chambers separately.
  • Firebox which is designed separately become more useful for creating more spirited and aerated fire.
  • Best cheap offset smoker where you can use cheap fuel like charcoal in large quantities.
  • The offset used for the longer time means durability is unlimited where you can smoke and make BBQ as you want.
  • Easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Removable and adjustable it’s the ash drawer and box where the ash will be removed.
  • You can move the offset easily and adjust it as well.
  • Inner cooking box temperature will be measured through the temperature meter which is located at the damper’s upper side.

Cons of Offset Smoker

  • For the first time, you need some effort to set and adjust it.
  • Offset smokers take time to start and burn the fuel as well.
  • There is more fuel used because of the large cooking grate and grill.
  • Offset releases most smoke and heat and their smell as well because of the open damper and maximum use of fuel.
  • You cannot set and adjust again and again. Also, you don’t need to be moved easily from one place to another without the help of others.

What are Kamado Grill and Smoker?

The Kamado grill and smoker are used for BBQ which is best for the residential outdoor setting. It takes less space. For your ease to use in the home and kitchen is designed in length and small size as well. But gives you many more explorations to make BBQ.

Kamado smokers are superb and best in their qualities and look as well. Because it looks like giant eggs or burial urns which gives a more stylish and professional brick oven. It is made of hard material to carry on loads of material for a longer time. It became a fantastic and majestic smoker and grill where you can cook and bake the other things which you cannot bake on another offset smoker.

Make and bake the pizza, bread, roast, and full chicken as well. The dough of pizza and bread became soft and fond to eat because of its temperature balanced at the best level. It will be used as tandoori stuff where you can your bread and other bread categories.  

Set for Best and Rest

Grates and grills are designed for you with strong material so that you can be used this kamado smoker for high and subsidiary cooking. The use of this grill is very easy and helpful for you and new users as well. Removable ash drawer where you can clean and remove all the ash after use.

In the kamado grill, you can take the dual mode of fuel. It depends upon the quality and features of the smoker if it has. This means you can convert it into a gas smoker from charcoal fuel if the kamado smoker gives that option.

Pros of Kamado Smoker

  • More fantastic and stylish BBQ smoker in that modern time.
  • Once you set then don’t need again to set and adjust.
  • Best for beginners and fresh users as well.
  • Release out heat and smoke from the hook bar which is located top side of the smoker.
  • Designed vertically which takes and covers less space.
  • Used for making loads of items such as grilling, smoking, roasting, searing, broiling, pizzas baking, bread making, and desserts as well.
  • Kamado smokers can be used in high cold and freeze weather.
  • You can use as alone and built it into an outdoor home kitchen.
  • Build and designed for durable use.
  • Temperature is indicated by the temperature meter which is inserted at the top side of the smoker.
  • There are two sides shelf. One is on the right side and the other is on the left side which become useful and convenient for you to keep the things and grills.

 Cons of Kamado Grill

  • Small but heavy Kamado Grill.
  • Due to heavy models very difficult to move around anywhere.
  • It gives a less smokey flavor than the offset smoker.
  • This smoker is not portable.
  • Make less food at a time than the offset smoker.
  • The rate and value of money are high than the offset.
  • Very carefully used in sense of opening lid gradually because oxygen saved inbox.

Main Features of Offset Grill and Kamado

Are you BBQ crazy person? If you are then you need to know and see about all the smoker structure features and its best uses as well.

Let’s see what are the main and best features which both offset and kamado have to ease to you making the BBQ and enjoy your best time with your buddies and families in an open environment by using the best backyard offset smoker and kamado grill as well.

Cooking Grills

There is the main part of every smoker and grill where you can keep and set your food items for cooking and making BBQ.


The main and basic part of the smoker is where you can set and adjust your fuel types and burn your fuel to convert heat and smoke into your cooking area box.

Fuel Type

There are different fuel types but, in both smoker, and grill, you can use wood and charcoal. But get the more taste you can add the wood chunks and flavor chips to take and enjoy the more taste and good smell as well.

Temperature Control

Temperature and heat will be controlled by the temperature meter alteration. In an offset smoker, you can draw out the firebox and move the fan on it to make the best level of heat and smoke.

Temperature Indicator

A most useful and effective feature is in almost every smoker at the top side to show and alert you about the exact and accurate temperature inside the cooking box. Some smokers have a digital meter, and some have analog, it depends on the modes and ancient time smokers.

Cleaning Process

The effective and reliable feature is followed for all types of smokers. In an offset smoker, you can remove the ash easily by removing the ash drawer. But in the Kamado set you can only need to be clean after using this grill 3 to 4 times.

Which one smoker you can select?

As you know both Offset and Kamado smokers become traditional smokers and used both at their places. People can buy anyone from these according to their budget and choice. Kamado and Offset are used for BBQ and making loads of smoked meat and meal. But in Kamado you can make less than the offset.

When you will buy must need to see all the features and their uses as well. As we know about offset where you can make loads of meal due to large grill but not baked the items likewise kamado. You may set the grills in both grill and smokers, but it depends upon the quality option of a smoker.

There is lots of option and aspects which needs to be must-see and know about them so that you can feel easy after buying them. You need to know about the cleaning process, temperature indicators, material, use, the value of money, fuel types, flavor, cooking types, run time, and other additional features.

Offset Smoker VS Kamado Grill Which One is better

The separate and unique features of both make them efficient and worthful. Both are used as BBQ but have different features and give you differently amazed of using them. As we know that offset smoker gives you an offer to make loads of meals while kamado has less space to make loads of meals.

Smoker used the same fuel type but the main difference between both is that offset smokers used more fuel while kamado take less fuel. Oxygen store in kamado while in offset it releases out along BBQ. Grill and Grate are made of the same material stainless steel.

Removable ash drawer in both but in kamado, you do not need to be clean and remove the ash on daily basis. Both smokers have shelves, but the best and large shelves are located and designed in the offset smoker.

The best and cheap smoker is offset which is tend into the best food quality due to the large grill and used multiple fuel types to burn and ready to take your best taste. This is designed in a simple and accessible way. Affordable prices of offset make you able to buy them quickly but the cost of kamado is high than the offset smoker.

Evaluation of Kamado Smoker VS Offset Smoker

FeaturesOffset SmokerKamado
Fuel typeWood and CharcoalGas, Wood, and Charcoal
Cooking CapacityLarge cooking CapacitySmall cooking capacity
Best for MakingUsed for the grilling and smoking in all modelsBest for the grilling, smoking, baking, searing, and braising
Cost RangeYou can buy under the cost of $200 to $2000+You can buy under the cost of $300 to $2000+
FlavorWood and Charcoal burnt tasteWood and wood chunks, charcoal and flavor chips
Run TimeBest for the longer timeBest for the less time
Power ConnectionNo power requiredNo power required
PortableNot PortableNot Portable but some are depending upon the models


Both Kamado and offset are used charcoal and wood fuel but there is little difference between both. Charcoal and wood are used in large quantities in offset while in kamado it is used in less quantity. In offset, it gives more taste of charcoal and flavor chips. But in a kamado, it gives less taste of smoke.

Yes, both are not portable but in the latest models of both offset smoker and kamado will be this option is required. You can adjust and move anywhere in some models only which are designed technically.

There is an extra option to get more taste and good smell while cooking and making BBQ through the wood chunks and flavor chips. Both are keeping and set on the fuel which is means to give you taste with different types which you want to get the flavor you can buy the flavor chips.

Wood chunks same as give this type of benefit but this is used only when you burn the wood as a fuel type. Then you can put and set the wood chunks in the firebox while the wood is burning.

You need to put some effort to set offset smoker the first time but in a kamado, you have no need to be confused and worry because it’s very easy to set and adjust the first time.


The best offset smoker and kamado grill are mainly used for BBQ and making the foodstuff that you want. Buy anyone according to your demand, requirements such as value to money, best structure, longer use, favorite fuel, easy to use and many more which is necessary for you to making BBQ and food as well.

Offset is used for making large capacity of BBQ smoking and grilling while in Kamado you can cook loads of items such as smoking, baking, searing, and making food on the grill. Both are not portable but when once you adjusted them in their right place then you can use them anytime for many and durable time.

There is no power connection required which is best for you to burn the fuel without hesitation. Both smoker and grill are best and look stylish. Users pick the offset mostly over the kamado because of the cheap offset smoker and it’s easy to use with many more fantastic features.