10 Best Offset Smokers in 2024- Buying Guide and Reviews from BBQ Geeks

Most barbeque lover wants to make their food on the smoker at home itself. Showing you the best offset smoker for your barbeque obsession. For your ease about selecting the smoker according to your budget, size situation, and your time consuming by adjusting quickly.

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If you are searching for the best offset smoker to enjoy your meal and meat taste by smoking through the smoker. You people can select according to your demands with the best quality and good-looking structure. While using an offset smoker, you make a BBQ at your favorite place and enjoy it according to your taste. The weather is such that you go to the trash cab where you can place and keep it.

The 10 Best Offset Smoker’s Reviews For Great Smoking Experience

Char-Broil 12201570-A1 Best Budget Offset Smoker


  • Brand: Char-Broil
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Fuel type: Charcoal or coal
  • Weight: 38 Pounds
  • Dimension:  17.5 x 46.25 x 44.75 inches
  • Dampers: Adjustable
  • Firebox chamber size: 290 squares
  • Cooking chamber size: 140 squares

You will get smoking and cooking as you want. Firebox to stoke fire without losing any heat. an offset with the adjustable damper and having a temperature gauge. Char-broil also has the best cooking grills which are very easy for to you for cleaning.

Cooking Area

The cooking chamber size is almost 290 sq. which is enough for you to make all-around 18 to 20 burgers easily. Coking chamber size enough to make lamb, complete chicken, and more burgers for your friend’s party at once.

Smoke Control

More important step while cooking and smoking are to control heat and smoke. You would easily open and closed the air damper to adjust the level of air. The process of opening and closing the air damper to maintain the airflow. It controls the heat in the cooking chamber and control temperature as well.

Temperature Gauge

Very useful and flexible feature in offset. From the temperature gauge, you will easily read and see the temperature. According to temperature rate, you can maintain the internal temperature of cooking.

Expanded Movement

This smoker stands on two large wheels and has a unique style of two stationary legs. For you, this is very easy to object to this at your picnic place and backyard.

Easy to Clean

After using free from cooking, you would easily clean the char-broil smoker firebox. You can draw out the firebox from its place and remove the ash. Detached the smoking grills and clean this with the brush and cloth.

Flexible Feature

The extra shelf is also available with Char-Broil smoker. You can keep sauce, skewer, rubs, and tissues. Very feasible for you to pick quickly your using matters.


  • Extra shelf
  • Easy to clean
  • Large cooking chamber
  • Stylish look


  • Two wheels only

Oklahoma Joe’s Highland Best Reverse Flow Smoker


  • Type: Horizontal
  • Dimension:  33.5 x 57 x 53inches
  • Fuel type: Charcoal
  • Weight: 180 Pounds
  • Total Size: 900 squares
  • Firebox chamber size: 281square
  • Cooking chamber size:  619 squares
  • Special Feature: Reverse Flow Offset Smoker

Experience increased by using the Oklahoma Joe Reverse Flow Offset Smoker due to its flexible duration. You can use the dual offer from this, by switching traditional smoker to reverse flow smoker.

Surely you will enjoy this with high temperature, huge charcoal basket, and heavy-gauge steel. Easy to open and close the main chamber because of fine-style handles.

Dual Smoker

Let you choose between traditional and reverse. Switched from one to another when you want to enjoy with smoke according to your moment.

Pre-Installed Baffle Plates

Additional inserted plates are made by wire grates. These plates are inserted and locked under the smoker which gives the heat and smoke with a strong bond through the cooking chamber.

Cooking Space 900 squares

Smokers cover 900 sq total, which is one part of the firebox which is made on 281 sq and another one is cooking chamber which is made on 619 sq. Enough for you to enjoy a lot and make more dishes at once and enjoy your meal.

Firebox Door

Swing-open door which is more convenient for you stoke your fire without open chamber cover. Very simple for you to remove ash when it burns and can waste.

Charcoal Basket

Along with you would get a large charcoal basket. This basket provides you with an effective and reliable way to burn charcoal. Easy to burn charcoal in it and also very efficient for you to clean up quickly.

Lid-Mounted Temperature Indicator

For your convenience, the lid-mounted gauge is exerted in it. It tells you the accurate temperature of heat and smoke. It alerts you by seeing the cooking smoke range. To regulate heat and smoke, multiple changeable controls will be used in it.

Convenient Shelves

It gives you dual shelves, front, and bottom shelves. The front shelf is equal to the width of the cooking chamber. This is used for food and keeping the other sauce. The same bottom shelf gives you the plenty of space. Lie bottom shelf deals with the charcoal, wood, sticks, and all over these types of fuels.


  • Cool-style handle
  • Charcoal basket
  • Installed plates
  • Adjustable temperature gauge


  • Large and Heavyweight

Outsunny 48 – Best Portable Backyard Offset Smoker and Charcoal BBQ Grill


  • Type: Horizontal
  • Dimension:  48.75 x 20.75 x 41
  • Fuel type: Charcoal and Wood
  • Weight: 37 Pounds
  • Grill: 1
  • Firebox chamber size: 11.75L x 13.5W
  • Firebox chamber size: 11.75L x 13.5W
  • Special Feature: Best backyard offset smoker

The all-in-all BBQ where you get offset smoker, charcoal grill, and BBQ. Outsunny offset gives you a different and delicious smoked flavor. Dual shelves one in on the front and the second is on the side.

Easy and safely open the cap of the cooking chamber just with a good wooden handle.

Durable of offset and BBQ much lengthy as good for you. You can use it in the backyard by moving easily from one place to another place smoothly.

Flexible Design

You can get the trio facility in this Outsunny smoker. The BBQ, offset smoker, and charcoal grill are attached and used with these. You can feel awesome by enjoying the flavor of smoke while side vent.

Shelves and Smaller Rack

Dual shelves where you keep your BBQ sauces, tablespoons of ketchup, plates, and other accessories. Another spare shelf below where you keep skewer after using. Extra space left for you to keep more grilling essentials.

Secure Handle

The handle of the smoker is made of wooden material. It gives you ease and charm while opening the cooking chamber for cooking and smoking. You fell don’t any hurt and effect by the handle because of a good wooden handle.

Easy to Read Temperature

Excessively point for you to read the temperature of your meal and foodstuff which is laid on cooking grill. Easy to read the temperature of heat and smoke inside the chamber to know how much cooking is left.

Strong Construction

 Offset is lightweight but has a strong body to stand. Angled legs of smokers make this strong and stable to stand a lot and you can use easily. You can use the smoker for years and years by just their angled leg structure.

Easy to Move

With two legs have two strong wheels as well. These wheels of Outsunny give you convenient and suitable use by moving place to place easily. Wheels are made by dedicated material and set also as well in a smooth way.


  • Angled legs
  • Trio smoke stuff
  • Dual shelves and fuel system
  • Extra space
  • Wooden handle
  • Location to location move


  • Wooden and charcoal fuels contain chemicals.

Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS962CBO-D Best Smoker for Outdoor


  • Type: Horizontal
  • Total Area: 962 sq in
  • Dimension:  67 x 34.5 x 60 inches
  • Fuel type: Charcoal and Wood
  • Firebox chamber size: 287 sq in
  • Cooking chamber size: 675 sq in
  • Temperature gauge: Attached

As a combination of cooking and firebox vast area become more efficient and reliable for you. Large offset smokers give you more space to keep your accessories at the side. Make multiple food items at once only because of the large grill.

Easily open due to spring-style handle. Charcoal and wood burn in the firebox and after use, you can easily waste the ash from the box.

Multiple functions of BBQ offset grill:

When you open the BBQ grill, you will be able to expand horizontally. Make multiple food items due to the multi-functional BBQ setup. Horizontally gives you expanded space in the cooking era.

Backyard BBQ

Set the offset in the garden because this Dyna-Glo is specially designed for the backyard.

Where you enjoy with your friends and buddies with full of smoke. With maximum heat transfer from the fire chamber to the cooking chamber. A lot of cooking space as you can make steaks, lambs, burgers, full chicken, veggies, and other pieces of stuff. 

Grill Grates

Gates made of porcelain solid. Vertical lines on it, give you a different look on your steak. The grill gate’s color and solid material don’t harm you. Easy to clean after using with brush and fabric.

Equivalent Temperature Indicator  

When you heat the smoker completely and start ready for cooking. The temperature indicators show you both the Grill zone and smoke zone temperature. This indicator helps you with standard cooking temperature reliability.

Elegant Smoke Flavor

You can make your meat at low and slow by using a BBQ smoker. You would be using the best stick smokers for better and delicious taste in your meat via smoke.

Charcoal Removable Box

When you burn the fire by using charcoal or wood fuel they turn into ash. Then in this spot, you need to remove the ash. The charcoal box in the Signature series would easily withdraw and you throw the ash into the waste box.


  • Removable charcoal box
  • Dual ability of BBQ and Smoker
  • Elegant smoke
  • Expand horizontal space
  • Spring handle


  • Heavyweight

Royal Gourmet CD1824AX 24-Inch Best Charcoal Grill Outdoor BBQ Smoker


  • Type: Horizontal
  • Dimension: 50 x 22 x 48.8 inch
  • Fuel type: Charcoal and Wood
  • Grill: 1
  • Total size: 598 sq inch
  • Firebox chamber size: 205 sq inch
  • Cooking chamber size:  393 sq inch
  • Special Feature: Best for camping

Cooking flexibility by controlling heat and smoke. Unique design, and cool-touch handle for opening and closing the cooking chamber.

Easy to open and quickly heat transfer from the firebox to the cooking chamber. Dual reliability makes food by BBQ and Offset.

With dual wheels, you can move from smoker location to location. Through the temperature, meter know the situation of cooking.

Grates Area

The total area of smoker grates is 393 squares which are enough to make the meal of 8 to 10 friends at once. The fire chamber is taking 205 squares which are enough to burn the fuel easily.

Cooking grates of porcelain wire make your meat and steak of any type juicy due to its skewer lines. Due to exciting meat gives you a more delicious taste and the meat becomes more tender. 

Convenient Charcoal Box Style

For your convenience, the firebox access is taken in front. Which is great suitability to manage charcoal. Quickly put the charcoal in the box. Charcoal and wood start to burn, and you can see and manage the fire easily because of the front helping hand.

Hole style charcoal box makes the fuel get hot faster than a flat box, increasing grilling worth.

Space Shelves

Best for saving and keeping your accessories. Two side tables give you a facility to keep your sauces and juices on it. Easy to clean and use for the latter as you are using offset.

Durable Design

You can move the offset smoker from one place to another easily because of flexible and moveable wheels. It’s very opportune for you to move around your backyard and enjoy BBQ as you want.

Alert Indicator

A temperature gauge is inserted on the top of the smoker. It is situated in such a way where it shows to you the grilling temperature and makes alert to you.


  • Dual side table
  • Top-mounted temperature gauge
  • Easy to move
  • Lightweight
  • Air inlet charcoal box


  • Small offset smoker

Meadow Creek SQ36 Best Offset BBQ SMOKER for Backyard


  • Brand: Meadow Creek SQ36
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Dimension: 56.5 x 61.5 x 29 inch
  • Cooking Chamber Size: 507.5 sq inch
  • Cooking along with grates size: 949.5 squares
  • Fuel type: Charcoal/Wood
  • Grill: 2
  • Weight: 50 Pounds

The most unique and strong offset. The offset smoker is different in style and looks beautiful. Best use in the backyard. In your garden, you can enjoy the BBQ with friends which is full of a smoky flavor environment.

Every key feature of Meadow Creek SQ36 is different and wonderful from each other. Gives you multiple enjoyable opportunities for backyard smoking.

Smoke Supplier

Smoke and heat speed produces the most effective impact while BBQ. For you heat speed matters most because you want tender and juicy meat. Meadow transfer heat and smoke from the firebox chamber to the main chamber of cooking.

Steel Grills

Grill of Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker made by stainless steel. You find the quality of steel grills is very fine and rust-free. Vertical skewer-shaped print lines shape on your steak and burger patties.  Very easy to clean after BBQ. 

Heavy Duty Firebox Grill

The firebox grate is heavy and strong enough to burn for hours and hours. After many hours of burning keep in the best quality. Charcoal and wood keep on the ground of the firebox grate for even burn.

Temperature Meter

It indicates your condition inside the cooking chamber. It alerts you by monitoring through the indicators whether the smoke is enough to start for a cook or left.

Another Tier Up Grill

Dual grate for cooking. You can enjoy the party with a dual mood because of one more jumbo grill. This second grate increases your space for cooking. Cooking space becomes double. Makes multiple food items. 


  • Dual grates
  • Stylish structure
  • Easy to move and lightweight
  • Remove ash easily
  • Heat exists by air inlet


Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker and Grill Best for Outdoor


  • Brand: Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Power source: Propane
  • Dimension: 31.5 x 74 x 50.6 inch
  • Total area of offset: 1060 squares
  • Cooking Chamber Size: 750 squares
  • Fuel type: Charcoal/Wood/Petroleum Gas
  • Weight: 204.6 Pounds
  • Grill: 6
  • Special Feature: Dual Cooking Chamber

An exceptional and vast cooking area makes it easy for you to cook at once. You can also use a firebox chamber for cooking by just BBQ. More convenient use in this because of Gas connection.

Would you like the large offset smoker? This Oklahoma Joe’s is exactly large and gives long durability. Air dampers are also used best for quickly and safely heat and smoker transfer.   

Supreme Flexibility

With dual cooking chamber with a vast area which is enough to make more foods at once. There are two separate cooking chambers, one is used by the Gas fuel and one is used by the charcoal or wood fuel.

The offset firebox and a gas side burner are both attached at the side.

Shelf for Keeping Accessories

The shelf gives you more reliability and relaxing point by keeping your things while smoking on it. It’s convenient for you to keep extra sauces and cooking utensils keep on the metal shelf which is below the cooking damper.

Swing Style Handle

The handle would be more convenient for you to keep a grip on your grate. While smoking this swing-style handle protect you from hand burning for opening the cover of the cooking chamber.

Alert Indicator

On both sides of the cooking chamber, on the mounted style place the temperature indicators attached. These indicators make you alert for the cooking preparation level. By seeing this you can easily judge the inner temperature.

Best Side Box Smoker

At the side spot the firebox implanted which is shown on the front. Very steadfast and suitable gain access to hold on fire. Without an open cooking chamber grate, you would easily manage the heat and smoke. It becomes easy to transfer heat and smoke into the cooking chamber.


  • Multiple grates
  • Multiple fuel type use
  • Swing handle
  • Reliable firebox
  • Below metal shelf


  • Heavyweight large offset smokers

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Best Vertical Offset Smoker


  • Dimension: 20.2 × 34.52 × 47.03inch
  • Type: Vertical
  • Power source: Charcoal
  • The total area of offset: 784 sq inch
  • Fuel type: Charcoal/Wood
  • Grills: 6
  • Temperature: Low
  • Special Feature: Dual Cooking Chamber

Offset and BBQ enjoy at the same time because of vertical offset. Dyna-Glo vertical offset gives you multiple convenient at a time. Because it takes less space and gives multiple foods making space.

Best stick burner smoker where you can add the flavor sticks. You feel a change in the flavor by using this. Easily clean the cooking grates and ashtray of the cooking box.

Unique Flavor

By using the stick-burning smokers you get a different style taste. You can get the taste as you imagine just by adding the sticks. You cook your meat. Give them heat and smoke low and slow in the smoker box.

Heat Process

This offset is best for low cooking with slow heat because it is designed in such a way where the heat flow is indirect. Easy to pass heat from the firebox to the cooking grid center. But in a cooking chamber, it works slowly because of vertical and multiple grates.

Multi-Functional by expanding horizons

It has 6 grates which are enough for you to make more foods items like full chicken, stacks, burgers, patties, and kebabs. Multiple functions where you can use this Dyna-Glo as BBQ machine and offset with large capacity.

Boost burn proficiency quickly

The charcoal box is designed in such a style that it is retracted easily. Easy to open and keep the charcoal on the firebox floor. Start quickly burn as older is turn in to ash.

Keep eye on temperature

You can easily judge the heat capacity and inner temperature of the cooking chamber. The temperature meter shows the current temperature and heat level inside the cooking chamber. It must be known because it’s directly related to your meat and cooking stuff.


  • Vertical Smoker
  • Small offset smoker
  • Multiple grates
  • Burn efficiency fast
  • Makes multiple food items
  • Use flavor steaks


  • Slow heat process

INLIFE Classic Charcoal BBQ Offset Smoker


  • Power source: Charcoal
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Dimension: 40.6 x 23.6 x 44.5 inch
  • total area of offset: 784 sq inch
  • Fuel type: Charcoal/Wood
  • Grills: 3 E-Coated
  • Temperature: High and Low
  • Special Feature: Wood Shelf

An extensive area of coking chamber and firebox chamber gives the flexibility of more cooking space. Best competition offset smoker where you get the best set of all the things in a smoker.

A more suitable size. Set and adjust in your backyard. Smokers use basically for the heat and smoke to your meat. But the other charm includes in it makes your time and useability reliable and fascinating.

Cooking chamber

A generous cooking area where you cook your meat on low and slow smoke. The grill for making 20 burgers at one time is enough for you. You can easily enjoy your evening party with your buddies.

Firebox Chamber Technique

Firebox design in such a way, from where the smoke and heat directly transfer from the nozzle to the cooking chamber. Smoke and heat durability will be low and slow by the air inlet move.

Below and Front Shelf

Below shelf made by steels bars which are strong. Gives you some extra space to keep the usage and spare dishes on it. One is the front shelf which is made of wood. The wood shelf looks beautifully which shows just like three strips bar stand. You can use a front shelf to keep the sauce and some juices.

Air inlet of BBQ smoker

 When the charcoal and wood burn they exist the heat and smoke which is unbalanced. For balancing heat and smoke levels in the cooking chamber you would use an air inlet to open and close according to need.


  • Wooden handle
  • Adjusted meter
  • Heat level balance
  • Strong grills
  • Metal body
  • Easy to clean


  • Small size

OKAKOPA Charcoal Grill, Barbecue Grill with Offset Smoker


  • Power source: Charcoal
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Cooking core: 24.2”L x 13.4”W
  • Dimension:  38.2′ x 13 x 13.8 inch
  • Firebox Core: 11.8”L x 11.8”W
  • Side Layer: 11.8”L x 9.4”W
  • Inner Temperature: 100-1000℉
  • Front Layer: 23.6”L x 8.5”W
  • Fuel type: Charcoal/Wood
  • Special Feature: Metal handle

With low and slow flame and heat, you would enjoy this OKAKAMA smoker because of the clear structure. Very easy to clean their ribs, grills, and charcoal box.

Fire would easily manage by you just to cover or uncovered with an air inlet. Metallic grills and below shelf make your work easy by giving extra spec to keep small things.

Best Camping Offset Smoker 

Use this smoker for BBQ in your garden and backyard. Best for camping and friend’s night parties. Because of stylish look and stable product. Once you buy it after that adjust it and place it in a garden or maybe its appropriate place. 

Best Stick Smokers

The best stick smoker enables to you enjoy the taste of the meat by smoke and heat. It is happening when you add some flavor sticks to it. It gives you the charm to taste in different tastes and flavors.

Fine Quality Material

The best cheap offset smoker gives you all in one facility by the good temperature of OKAKOPA smoker. Thermometers indicate the inner cooking temperature. Cooking grates are made of stainless steel which is not harming you. As well as easy to clean.

Chambers fine and strong connection

Between both cooking, firebox chamber connection seems to be very strong and quick. When you once start to burn the charcoal. It reduces the smoke and heat very perfectly in a balanced way from the firebox to the cooking chamber.

Easy Style

The style would also matter in party places and gathering places. A metallic handle that is very strong to keep. You can easily open the cover because of the handling ability. A shelf on the bottom gives you more chance to relax by keeping the extra accessories.


  • Unique style
  • Best for backyard
  • Cheap offset
  • Easy to adjust and clean


  • Less area of cooking

Step by step Buying Guide for Best Offset Smokers

We will not only give reviews about offset smokers but also tell you about all these factors, features, using method, structure, requirements, effects, fragrance, place, fuel types and clear your questionnaire.

You will easily find and take how to know about each thing and steps of using of these BBQ offset smokers. How to use them? How to adjust? How to give grace to your meat at the grill? Moreover, about their qualities and figures.

What is an offset smoker?

Offset smoker where you cook your best smoky meal. The meat is cooked in offset from the cooking chamber. You can use charcoal and wood for a smoky taste.

If you are unfamiliar with the offset smoker, do not need to worry about this. The smoker is used for making BBQ at your favorite place.

Smoker is multiple in their variety. All are different from each other by their sizes, fuel systems, shapes, and adjusted rules.

Two main chambers of BBQ Smoker Offset

Offset has two main parts, one is the cooking chamber, and the other is the firebox. The firebox is lower than the cooking chamber box. Cooking chamber where you place your meat and meal for cooking.

Firebox has space where you can use your fuel type either charcoal or wood. The firebox has less space than the cooking chamber because you will only use it for fire burning and heating the smoker.

Both fire and cooking chambers are linked to each other, heat is transferred through the firebox pipeline to the cooking chamber. You can feel the taste of charcoal in your BBQ by the heat or smoke.

Types of Offset Smokers

As you know the smoker is used for BBQ but many of you are still confused about the types of smokers. Which type of smoker you can use? Everything matters for you, about budget, quality, place, and size.

If you only want to make your meat for steak, then you can use charcoal and a wood smoker. When you want to find the best budget offset smoker then these kinds of offset fulfill your wish. But if you want more variety of food. If you want to make burgers and lambs, then definitely you will be choosing the best offset grill separately for a huge variety.

Here for you many kinds of offset smokers:

Horizontal Offset

Horizontal offset smoker in the shape of the flat plane. Look like a tray and at an angle of 3600. A horizontal smoker is best for you if you are a BBQ smell craving person.

The heat source of horizontal at the side. Where the firebox insert. You will feel and see the heat passing through the pipeline from side to side.

Vertical Offset

Offset in vertical shape is look like in length. You know that the vertical thing covers less space but is not best for the BBQ lovers, because it gives no more offer for enjoying with friends.

The smoke exits and heat is found vertical at the bottom. Looking best structure-wise because its shape is like 900 angles. Looking beautiful if it places in the garden and backyard.

Charcoal Offset

You will use burned charcoal for heat and smoke. Charcoal gives the heat and smoke when we burn it.

For you, it is easy to burn the charcoal, manage the fire, and easy to control it with a damper. Most people add the flavor sticks to take more flavors along with charcoal.

Gas Offset

Some of you are easy-going with gas connections. Gas connection offset smoker mostly used in the home kitchen. You can use this in indoor restaurants.

Most people used gas smokers just due to being allergic to charcoal and wood-burning smell. Flavor stick is only used for giving the food taste, not for the smell taste.

Box Smoker

No more difficulty to adjust and fix the box smoker. Box smoker is easy to use by just placing the wood or charcoal.

Burn the charcoal and wood for smoke and heat. Place your meat on the grill. For flavor, you can use sticks.

Wood Smoker

There is no need for more space for this. Very easy to adjust and make the wood smoker. Just burn the wood sticks and wood pieces at any place. Place your meat on the grill and start making by the flip flop.

Horizontal Vs Vertical Smoker

The main difference between horizontal and vertical smokers is horizontal smoker heat source is at the side of the firebox, while the vertical heat source is at the bottom. Verticals took less space and people are using them indoors. Horizontal used for outdoor and used in the backyard.

The horizontal grill bar is no longer in steps level, while vertical has two, three, or more than three levels of grills.

The heat from vertical little difficult to manage but in horizontal easy to exceed. Both are used for the same fuel. The burning system is also the same in both. You can be used both according to your choice.

Fuel Types For Heavy Duty Smokers

If you are using any type of smoker for BBQ, then you need to be any fuel type for the burn. All other apart, fuel type is matter most for you to ready the meat smoke.

There are two types of fuel, where you can easily find what should you select according to your need, time, budget, and flavor.

Offset Charcoal Smoker

When you burn your fuel for making BBQ, you will need any kind of fuel. Charcoal gives you a taste different from other fuels. Its natural taste increases the flavor of any kind of food.

This is the natural fuel, when you burn it, then charcoal leaves the fragrance that most people like. Charcoal heat benefit is that, when you heat and smoke your meal, its heat nit harm you.

Offset Wood Smoker

Wood is also a natural fuel type. You can easily use it. You find it anywhere because it gets from trees. You cannot easily find the taste of wood when you smoke your meat because it’s only used for heat and smoke.

To get more sizzling flavor you can use the flavor woods or sticks. Wood takes your time less than charcoal to burn. Also, easy to manage for you in less budget.

Assembly Of Best Offsets Smoker For Beginners

When you find the smoker just found it. But in this, you will know about every part and feature of top offset smokers. What does it look like? Which part of smokers for which purpose?

All your quires will be clear. Once you read about structure, then it becomes easy to adjust and use smoker quickly.

Here we tell you about every key of a smoker.


Offset smoker weighs many pounds. Heavyweight smoker holds heavyweight wheels or tires as well. Wheels you can find with your smoker separately.

Each smoker has two, three, and four wheels. Some are having only two tires, and some are having four tires. Wheels weights are heavy enough which balances all the upper weight of grills and fuels.

You can easily adjust your wheel with a screw and easily move anywhere. Best for you to place it in the backyard. Whenever you are free from the BBQ scene, then by moving forward place it in their place.


Most important and display part of smokers. The most used part is the best offset smoker grill. You can smoke your meat and make a burger, while placed on the grill.

You must know about the grill quality, shape, size, and grills cuts. Grills should be heavy in size. You must assure the grill is steal or metallic whether it is non-stick or simple.


As we mentioned firebox is mainly part of the smoker. Without this firebox, a chamber smoker is not a smoker. The firebox is the main part where your charcoal or wood is placed in it.

Firebox is used for releasing the heat and smoke for the grill to smoke the meat. It gives you the taste via its smoke aroma or flavor. You will only through your wood or charcoal after that they burn in the firebox. Ready to smoke the meat and make the food on the grill.

Air Inlet

The Air inlet is the subpart in the firebox, from where the air is entered and blown. It’s close when we burn and start smoking the meat then cover the air inlet. So that air is not entering the firebox and blowing the fire.

Storage Shelf

Easy to use and most flexible part which make you feel easy. Storage shelf made with metallic or steel material. You can easily keep your spare things and extra things on a storage shelf.

While BBQ you have many things like dishes, duster, cleaner and hand fan. You will easily take on everything. The shelf is strong that’s why holds the many weights things.

Smoke stake with the exhaust chamber

There is an exhaust that exits that burns heat and smoke from this stake. Heat gets out from the stake line. You will not need to worry about how to heat release and exit. It automatically heats out.

When smoke out from this, smoke flies in the air and spread. You don’t feel any effect of this. Because smokers are always used in an open place. If you are using indoors. There is another exhaust system in your indoor kitchens.

Best offset smokers Grill gates

The grill gate is a separate part that you will insert into the cooking chamber. In the middle, you will set. You can select and find a grill according to your need and design what you want.

Charcoal grill with an offset smoker is important for you. So that you can place your steak, lambs, burgers, and other meat for smoke. Grill gates have different shapes which are used to make your meat steak.

Temperature Gauge

When you burn the fuel, set the grill, and start preparing food items for heat and smoke. There is an important need to be known about temperature.

Temperature meter inserts at the top of the smoker. You will know about the temperature rate automatically. The needle shows you temperature either will be low or high.

Requirements May You Need For High End Offset Smoker

When you use the smoker for BBQ of your meat and platters of seafood, along with not only need a smoker. There are also many instruments, tools, and appliances for handling and using during BBQ.

Just like you will be a select smoker according to your required place. Defiantly you will see all other needs. Just like size, color, cover, gloves, grills, meat checker thermometer, etc…

You can read about all requirements which show below in detail.


As you know, a smoker is vertical and horizontal. The heavy structure of the smoker stands at balance wheels. Size matters the most because of the place where you will stand the smoker.

Some cheap smokers cover more space because of the huge structure. On the other side vertical smoker take less space. Because it is long lengthwise and short widthwise.

Water Box

You use a water box at the bottom of the cooking chamber just to moisten the meat. Clean and neat water would be in the box and kept under the cooking chamber to protect against the burn due to dryness.

When you cook your meat and seafood on the grill full of spices. Meat load on the skewer and grill bar and skewer become hot. You need to put a skewer just to cool it.

Water box is mostly in rectangular shape, because you set the water box on the smoker. Most people used it. Placed it nearby the smoker, so that they feel easy to make skewer cool.

Oil Brush

Use for blending and mixing the texture. You can use it for oiling the meat and seafood while smoking. Oil is an essential ingredient used in bbq in small quantities. Oil will be polished by the oil brush.

They are available in different colors. Have good material and have silicone bristles. Available in every size. You can buy it according to your take.

BBQ Hand Fan

It may help you blow the fire. Fire burning speed would be low and high by hand fan blowing. It is made from a plastic sheet. Some hand fans are made up of hard paper sheets that would be easy to blow.


Firstly, you find your place where you keep the smoker for BBQ. After finding a place you should also manage the other things like protection from the rubbish lawn. Best for you to keep at flat or plane surface. You should save it from the rain because after wept, rust will cover it.

Find the accurate exhaust spot. If you use a smoker in the kitchen then take a mini or vertical smoker. Avoid keeping in the windy areas because due to air charcoal burn will be blown.


There is little variety of smokers in multiple colors. Only available in black, gray, and metallic colors. You can choose black color. Because when it is burning more and more, it becomes blackish.

Due to rust color will also be changed. So you will feel free of worry if you buy in black color.


You can use a cover to protect from damage your smoker. Cover drawstring at the bottom of offset even in strong windy weather. The cover wipes easily because of rubber and plastic sheet stuff.

Lightweight and for you easy to spread at the smoker. Some are waterproof that made of fabric stuff.

Ready to wear available in the market. But for your satisfaction and color choice will be made by yourself. You should cover your offset after every use once it has cooled down.

Meat checker thermometer

Meat checkers work well and are most efficient. You can check the temperature of your foodstuff just to know that either it is safe or spoiled.

Another meat thermometer node is inserted while smoking to check how much cook and how much is left for smoke. Temperature degree alert you and mention you estimate time for cooking. 

For the chicken normal ready temperature is 1600.For the meat, lamb, and other stuff meat’s normal ready temperature is 1450.


BBQ gloves are really useful all-around in the kitchen. There are two types of BBQ gloves. The first one is for extreme heat and the second is made of silicone. Silicone is waterproof. You can easily turn the meat steak. But silicone is not flexible, it’s hard stuff.

You can use the first one to better protect yourself from burning your hand by extreme heat. Stuff is so good and flexible easy to move for you.

Offset smoker grill

The grill is the dish where the meat keeps for smoke. Some grills are inserted and attached already in offset. But some are detachable. You can use detachable also for that you can make more food on a large grill at the same time.

Chicken breasts, pork chops, and fish filets are also cuts that do well with direct smoke or heat on an attached grill. But you can also use indirect grilling for larger hunks of meat such as brisket, whole chicken, and ribs.


Skewers are used when there are small pieces of meat. You mix it with vegetables or make ready skewered kebabs.

They are made of wood and steel. They are very light in weight and not too big in length and very easy to use for you. You can throw away the wooden stick after using it. Steel can be put in a water box for cooling and cleaning.

The advantage of skewers is that you first prepare the meat. Put it in the fridge and barbecue it whenever you want.

Dirty and bad smoke

We are talking about bad smoke, which you don’t like. How to get rid of bad smoke? You can feel the smell that the smoke is off. Why is this happing?

Firstly, make sure your charcoal should be good as probable. Because too much bad smell makes your food tasteless.

When you start burning the charcoal or wood, you must burn them separately from a smoker. After that when they lightly start to burn for smoke, so that time you would keep them in the firebox and open the air intel.


When it arrives at your home after purchase, put it in its designated place. If you want to put it on the lawn, put it in a garden, or put it later, set it there.

First of all, make all these things along with this in one place, put them all together and strengthen the ties. You took out its coal and wood which the smoker had to burn.

We start burning this coal by putting it in a box. When it is cooked, pour it into the next firebox. Then prepare your meat or put whatever you want to cook on the grill. The smoke and heat will go from the side of the next box to the grill side and the meat will be ready automatically.

If you take this fuel and want to add any flavor other than wood to your meat, then put a separate flavored stick so your fuel in the box tastes it too.

Take oil, oil brush, water dip, or other necessities with you. Check the temperature of the meat with a thermometer to see how cooked it is and how raw it is. Once the food is fully cooked, take it off the plate and serve and enjoy.

Burn the coal and wood. Then throw it in the next box. Prepare the meat and place it on the grill.

Cover it from the top. The meat will continue to cook in the cooking chamber. Check with the help of a thermometer. If it has run away, take it off and eat it.

You have to take out the firebox. You have to take out all the from inside and waste it. In the same way, the grill has to be taken out of the chamber and thoroughly cleaned with a brush.

After that, both of them have to be thoroughly cleaned with a cloth softly. Try not to clean it with water as the water will rust.

The best place is the one you like. Choose a place according to your choice where its smoke easily exits and does not harm you.

If you have taken it for a garden or a hotel, put it in its designated place. And choose a point where the surface is smooth. A bad spot does not have to take you around. This way it will increase further during use.

Yes, you will need water. Water is needed in two ways. Once you put water in the box and put it under the cooking chamber bar so that your meat does not remain moist and dry.

Second, if you have water in a bucket when you need to cool or clean it.

Water experience is needed so that they can be placed on a lower surface by pouring water together. And another requirement is a bucket of water in which you can keep your used utensils with you.

Water experience is needed so that they can be placed on a lower surface by pouring water together. And another requirement is a bucket of water in which you can keep your used utensils with you.

Yes, some tires weigh so much that they do not burn. Power is required.

But you can easily do this with those who have two tires on this occasion so that the one who is standing on the same side does not lose balance and falls.

First, use the best quality coal and wood. When the coal starts to burn, let it cook for a while to reduce its odor. If the way to keep the air out is to keep it coming and going from time to time.

Sometimes the air ratio must be high and sometimes low. If it starts to close for sometimes, BBQ becomes soft, so that they save your coal and your food is not spoiled.

Yes, you can easily find cheap offset smokers here and there. Your smoker has been pioneered, with the help of which you can move to another place. But you should relocate it when you need it most so that it can be damaged.

For you a nice place to sit in the backside of your home and backyard. The best place to keep at a plane and smooth surface, so that you don’t get hurt while cooking. As well you can also keep it in the garden while enjoying the cool and loving weather.


With our best research and use of smokers you can select the best and in budget smoker for your BBQ party.

Top rated offset smokers:

  • INLIFE Classic Charcoal BBQ Offset Smoker
  • Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Combo Charcoal/Gas Smoker and Grill
  • Dyna-Glo Signature Series DGSS962CBO-D
  • Char-Broil 12201570-A1 Offset Smoker

Best Cheap offset smoker

It is my opinion for you if you are a beginner and have less time for your cooking. Then you would select a cheap offset smoker. Which is easy to adjust for you and gives you the taste with the smell of charcoal.

  • Outsunny 48″ Steel Portable Backyard Charcoal BBQ Grill and Offset Smoker Combo
  • Royal Gourmet CD1824AX 24-Inch Charcoal Grill Outdoor BBQ Smoker