How To Build A DIY Offset Smoker Beginner to Advanced Guide

A true BBQ person always looking guidelines about how to build a DIY offset smoker. For your ease, we help you to build a method and perfect model for the smoker. You can build your perfect offset smoker with the best guide and instructions.

As you know most people like BBQ and Grill food items. For that purpose, you need to build your smoker which is the best in its structure and quality as well.

Create and make the smoker according to your place and space of backyard, kitchen, and wherever you want to keep it. Because when you build your smoker then select the size of an offset select according to your desire.

There are so many types of smokers, but all the smokers have different features from each other. All the features and functions are different in each smoker but in an offset smoker, you can get a smoker which is perfect for you.

Sometimes you irritate by the noise and heavy sound of the smoker while BBQ, but there are vast options to use it and get the best from the smoker by making your favorite food.

The best thing about your offset smoker is your own will. Whatever you want to add and create, you can. Like all the features set up and built in it’s your hand and will. You can select the size, smoker material, fuel type, airflow hook, charcoal box, heat source, and all others which needed to be added while built.

We guide you on everything which you need to consider like, how to build? How do get a smoker like as market? How to build its structure?

Structure Of An Offset Smoker

Offset smoker is the most common type of smoker where you can make your food and BBQ. This is the best option to make your huge quantity of food at a time for your friend and family.

The offset structure is simple and common where you can see each feature in front. All the function of offset is easy to understand and manage while BBQ. You just build it at first then use it.

Chambers of Smoker

There are two main parts of offset smokers. The first is the cooking chamber and the second is the firebox. Both are important and effective parts and connected with each other.

The cooking chamber of a smoker is the place where you can cook your food and make the BBQ on grills. There are multiple grills inserted inside the cooking chamber. Sometimes only one grill is used.

On the right-side firebox namely called a charcoal box. Where you can put your fuel and set the heat source. When the fuel burns it converts the heat from the hook.


There are one and two shelve in every smoker. Shelve are a very useful and effective addition for smokers. Because it is used for keeping the skews, tissues, sauces, dishes, and many other things.

The shelve is made up of wood, steel, and stainless steel. It’s up to you, that which kind of material you want to use for building the shelve.

Legs and Wheels

A smoker is made up the heavy material for that purpose we need to be heavy-duty wheels and legs. Where the smoker stands and moves from one place to another place.

Four legs and four wheels are made with the best and strong material. Mostly offset smokers just have two wheels, and the other two legs have a strong and unbreakable stand.

Easiest Way to Build an Offset Smoker

There is so simple, easy, and quick method to build and stand the smoker in hours. As you think maybe it takes a lot of time and energy. Then no because it’s easy and simple.

In the offset smoker just two or three main parts. At their inside cooking setup and connection of heat connected. You can build at home for your backyard without any tension and energy giving.

There is main two core sections for constructing the offset smoker. Charcoal or heat box and cooking box. Both are connected. The heat box converts the smoke heat into the cooking chamber then your food will be able to become for eating.

In this regard, we guide you and tell you each step of smoker construction. Firstly, we tell you about the barrel design and its construction. Because it’s the main assist where the whole smoker stand and you can connect each thin on it.

Important Note

There is a need to tell you about the important thing and warned you about a sensitive step. There is a need for welding.

Constructing the smoker is easy but this will require a lot of welding work. Because steel and stainless steel each part is connected through the welding process.

Barrel Set

The important and main structure is to stand around the barrels. You must have some barrels. For barrels getting and made, it’s a choice to select up to you. But it is better for your security and safety.

Build a Skeleton

At the very first time, you need to stand and set the skeleton means the frame of the smoker which is designed in the height. Set the size in your mind and then cut the frame into this size that you selected.

The main chamber will be at the waist height where you can be able to be made food easily. Because you are cooking for hours, this waist height could not irritate and tired you because of balance move.

The frame will be made from wood, steel, stainless steel, and other materials which you want. But we prefer steel because it burns for the hours and doesn’t damage quickly because of steel. If you used wood, then you need to build the smoker again and again.

There is a need for different shapes of material which is used. But you can buy steel tubing easily.

Set the frame in line with your requirements which you need for the smoker frame. Set the dimensions according to the barrel which you have selected already.

While standing the frame you have no need for any clips, just hold the smoker barrel and set it into the frame. Set the steel on the barrel roughly then weld the steel with each other.

Container Cut Off

When first you select and set the barrel, then you select the cooking chamber side. Now you need to select and cut the barrel for the heat box.

Cut the barrel for the firebox. You do not need to cut it into larger sizes like the cooking box. Just select the tiny box and cut at the knee height.

After that cut the door from the cooking chamber for heat flow. When you cut the door from the middle then make the door round shaped and along this try to make its corner.


The welding process is the most important and needed step while building the smoker.

Weld all the barrels and parts with each other. Means cooking and heating box weld. Weld the door and its corner which is made between the cooking and charcoal box.

From the middle set and align the barrel for cooking space. Cut the barrel and then weld the cut barrel which is selected from the cooking box middle.

Cutting Between Chambers

When you cut the barrel and weld then you need to cut the chamber for keeping the cooking space and heat conversion box.

Cut the steel from the middle and cut the door from the heat box. This will be the source of intake and exhaust vents for your offset smoker.


An offset smoker after welding each part needs to connect to other kits which are indeed to build the best offset smoker.

Set the hook, heat elbow, and skew hanging hooks to connect with the barrel walls from the upper and lower side.

Insert the temperature meter on the upper side of the cooking box. Where you can be able to figure out the temperature of cooking stuff.

Flow of Air

The airflow is directly connected to your health, so you need to be focused on it. There is a need for airflow into the offset smoker cooking and heat box. Keep the heat in the main chamber before getting out through the exhaust.

From the heat source when you manage and balance the heat flow oxygen level is reached in the best way which makes your food juicy and crispy as well.

If you managed the heat in a good manner, then get benefits from your food flavor. The best way to get juicy and tender food or meat is by just setup the heat level in the best way.

Grates Adjustment

As grates and grills are made of stainless steel and get from the market. You can buy the grills and grates according to the inner size and distance of the cooking box.

Set and weld the hangers to hang the grills into your cooking box chamber and set the grates which you want.

Set and Stand Wheels

When you made and build all the smoker structures but there is a need for a base where you put and adjust your smoker. which will be able to reach your height level.

There are two main parts wheels and stands. Stands are made of steel. While cutting the barrel you just need to cut the stand with the size of 2 to 3 feet and weld it with the chambers.

You will set the wheels at the end of all build processes because it will become the reason of move the offset smoker from one place to another place.


Can we weld all the parts with each other to build the smoker?

Yes, you can. But you should hire a welder to do this. Because he has the experience, and he welds your smoker perfectly and professionally.

What is the benefit of rounded corners of each door and node?

Rounded corners are safer for you to protect from any injury. Because without corners the steel and stainless steel become the cause of cutting. Without taking the risk just draw all the corners rounded.

What will be the ideal size of heat out hook or tube?

Tube and hook sizes are varied according to the smoker’s height size, but the ideal size is three feet.


Build an offset smoker at home with a low budget. You can build an offset smoker for your BBQ craze. We tell you each step of setup and are connected. You can build according to your own choice. Select the size, heat source, fuel type, and all others.

Portability in an effective manner. Set the grate and heat for the cooking chamber to make food in the best and most juicy flavor. Get the best barrel and build. At last, get the taste of your food while making it in the open air. And enjoy the party.