Pellet Vs Offset Smokers Which One You Should Buy?

When you are going to buy a smoker for BBQ and are confused about what and which one is buying for your best backyard and garden smoker. All the pellet and offset smoker have different features from each other.

Now, you can think that smoker is used for making a meal and enjoying the BBQ but why did we choose the pellet or offset smoker. Now we tell you each and everything and the differences between both pellet smokers and best offset smokers.

You are confused about the offset and pellet smoker and all these structure, features, look, grace, and much other valuable information are important to know. As you can read the whole article about the offset and pellet smoker then you will be able to get and buy smokers conveniently and efficiently.

What is Pellet Smoker?

The smoker is used to make BBQ by using the different fuel types to get the real taste of BBQ in your meal. Usually, a pellet smoker is known as the “Pellet Grill”. A pellet grill is used mostly in today’s modern technology time, where the user can plug the grill with electricity and get loads of meals at a large enough grill.

Most demanding and upgraded smoker which is used mostly in homes and gardens as well. It looks like the offset smoker, but the pellet rocked due to the highest fire running speed.

The fuel-burning system would complete your restaurant and camping look charm. Where the born fire look attracts you more and you want that type of fire look.

Digital smoker which shows and alerts you about the pallet temperature of the smoker. Set the temperature level automatically due to display LCD indicators. Pellet smokers don’t give you charm as offset smokers where you can set the low and slow perfection of briskets. This is less smokey due to natural gas and electric fuel type. But give you moist and juicy meals on grills.

The fuel system of pellet is the best and most efficient for tradition.Some pellet smokers are not portable.
Fans are inserted in the pellet to spread the heat and smoke and give the best smoky taste environment.Grills usually in few smokers you will be bought separately.
Few of the pellet smokers are used just for grill use.You need the port and electricity source separately.
Best pellet smoker has a digital meter which indicates and sets the temperature automatically.Pellet smokers are more expensive than offset smokers.
Wi-Fi connection which is reliable for connection and controls the system of pellet as well.
You feel less smoky than the offset smoker, but it depends upon the food and its partiality.
Pellet smoker used as both cooking and BBQ.
Grills of Pellet Smoker would be clean and avoid rust easily.
Hardwood pellet made with 100% pure material.
Peoples make loads of meals.
The fuel system is advanced and used in an as modern way means fuel is set automatically.

What is an Offset Smoker?

An offset smoker is an amazing smoker type where you can cook a load of a meal. The structure looks like a pellet but works amazingly and fantastically. All the types of meals cook at a time due to the large grill.

Offset smoker fuel gives you epic taste and the amazing smell of smoke and heat while making BBQ by using wood, charcoal, and flavor sticks as well. Heat and smoke release out as it starts burning. You can enjoy the whole party due to the smoking charm and its flavor too.

An offset smoker is the most traditional and normal type of BBQ smoker. There are two main parts of a smoker, at the one part where you can burn the fuel namely called the “Firebox”. The grills where you can cool the meal and keep the meat stuff grills, it called the “Cooking Chamber”.

Heat and smoke are released and saved in the damper setting and the structure of the damper and its caps. Heat temperature indicates through the temperature meter which is inserted at the top side of the damper which shows and displays the inner temperature of the firebox.

More smokey and authentic epic taste of smoke in your food.Mostly offset smoker painted with the steel-colored which will because of rust.
You can use different types of fuel such as charcoal and wood with its flavor sticks.Controlling the temperature during smoking is a little more difficult than the pellet.
All the offset smokers are portable.You should be alert and careful about the temperature because the temperature meter is not set inside the temperature directly or automatically.
You can get and buy this smoker easily and effectively.You need some practice and time to learn about the use of offset.
Fuel type is added according to your needs and choice.You need more care and alert about the fire burning.
You can use it for a longer time with more protection.The process to get started needs regular setting and checking as well.
There is no cord and electricity required for the start of offset.
Make the foods and meat in large capacity due to lots of grill space.
Get the best smokey taste than the pellet.
The rate and prices of offset are less than the pellet.
Best for making loads of food on grills and directly on charcoal as well.

Which Smoker Users Mostly Choose, Buy And Why?

Both types of smokers according to your demand and place will be bought. All the equal peoples have chosen them just according to their burning fuel requirements and choice as well.

As few peoples who don’t like the smell of smoke and can not bear the smell of charcoal these types of people buy the pellet which is run by electric and natural gas as well.

On the other hand, where the people like smoke smell and like the charcoal flavor in their meat. Then they want to buy this offset smoker to get the epic taste of wood and charcoal as well.

It depends upon the user demand and place as well. If they want to adjust and set it in the kitchen, then buy the small pellet.

But if you want large enough and buy for the big gathering events then you would be buying the offset smoker. Where you can make loads of meals at a time and enjoy the natural scene while sitting in the garden as well.

Offset Smoker Vs Pellet Smoker

When you go to find the smoker with the best value for money and its features then you need to see and read all the aspects of the smoker. When you buy the smoker need to know which type of smoker is best for you either pellet smoker or offset smoker.

A Pellet smoker is best for home kitchen use while offset best for the garden and your backyard. Offset has already the grills and some are adjustable while in pellet you need to buy the grills sometimes mostly pellet.

Make loads of food and meal for both smokers but the fuel types and burning systems of both smokers are different. In the pellet smoker, you need to cord and electricity to start smoking while in offset you just need the charcoal and wood as well.

Set and check the inner cooking temperature in offset and pellet is completely different. You can check the temperature in offset by its meter which is inserted at the top of the damper cap while in the pellet digital meter and LCD shows the level of temperature and set automatically.

Remove the ash and clean both smokers gently with the shower sprinkles and after that clean it with a towel. Move and set both easily in their best place but for the offset smoker, you need to take someone’s help to move this, and pellet easily move by a single person.

Feature of Pellet Smoker

As you know about the pellet smoker but for your convenience and benefit to get the smoker easily. Purchasing and setting the smoker will become easy after reading the features and its purposes as well.

Fuel type

In the pellet, you must require electricity and its connection as well. Because this smoker is burn and starts with electricity only.


There is mainly one cooking chamber which is set on the grill side where you keep and set your meal for smoke and heat. Other the burning system cord is inserted and designed separately inside the smoker. 

Pellet Grills

Most pellet smokers have no grills in them. You can need to buy them separately. After that, you can easily adjust and set the grills according to your meal need and the space required as well.

Power Networks

There is an electrical power connection to start and run the smoker. So, you need one main cord and wire. A cord or wire will be attached to the electrical switch. Electricity gives the power to start and burn the fuel to make BBQ.

Simple Use

Easy and efficient use because of the digital system of the pellet. A smoker will indicate and be alerted about all the functions of making food and its capacity through the LCD LED lights. There is no need to face any difficulty in adjusting and setting it, you just need to set and start by plugging the switch and turning the button on and off.

Temperature Handling

Control the system of temperature becomes very easy and reliable in any weather. Because the electricity power temperature control by the LCD indicators. You can adjust the level of temperature easily by buttons to move up and down the heat level just like a stove.

The capacity of Meal Making

There is no need to be worried about food storage and keeping on the grill. You can cook loads of meals at a time because of the massive grill and use it for the high time. You can feel the smoke taste very gently and feel the smell of smoke and heat as well.


Pellet offset smokers are high in the range than the offset smokers. You can get the pellet smoker in the range of 300$ to 2000$ easily.

Features Of Offset Smokers

There is a need to know the features of offset smokers and their purposes as well. When you are going to buy you are blanked at that time but when your read all the features and its specification. Then you will find the offset smoker easily.

Fuel type

You can enjoy the different fuels and their taste as well. Different types of fuel are used to give an epic taste of charcoal and its smell feels good. Charcoal and wood are used to burn fuel.


There are two chambers in an offset smoker. One is a cooking chamber where you can cook your meal and another one is a firebox where you can set your fuel to burn and start giving smoke and heat.


The massive and large grill is inserted and adjusted already in your smoker. you can just clean this and start using cooking after heat release. Grills are enough to make the food at a time for large gatherings and buddies parties as well.

Power Networks

There is only a burning power system for adding fuel of charcoal and wood. The offset smoker has no power connection.

Ease Use

There is a less technical system to set it first. Need some practice but after that, you can easily and efficiently use this smoker for more protection.

Temperature Handling

Temperature control by the temperature indicator which is built and designed on the front and upper side of the cap. Its shows the entire temperature of cooking stuff.

Control the system of temperature becomes very hard in extreme weather. You can only know about the inner temperature of the cooking box but can’t control the firebox temperature quickly.

The capacity of Meal Making

There is no limit to making food. Due to large and dual grills, some smokers give you an extra charm to make multiple and loads of food items. You can make the whole chicken, lambs, steaks, burgers, patties, and many more food items for your friends and family.


There is less costly than the other smoker types. You can easily buy the smoker in the range of 200$ to 2000$. 


There is a pellet smoker which is set and adjusted easily. There is no need to practice for the start and usage of a pellet smoker. For offset smokers, you need to be practice and careful about adjusting.

You can easily remove the ash of the smoker from the offset firebox after using it. But in the pellet smoker, you do not need to remove the ash because its fuel is electrical power.

Yes, both are available horizontally shaped. But as the passage of time technology goes moved and offset smokers are available in vertical shapes as well.


The main difference between pellet smokers and offset grill smokers, both are used for making the food and BBQ, but pellet makes your food moist while offset makes your food and meat crust, tender and juicy as well.

The Design of both smokers in such a way that you can easily understand the method of usage. Both have different fuel types and power connections as well. You can move easily both smokers from one place to another when you have needs.

Indicates the temperature of cooking in the pellet through the digital meter but in offset, you need to alert to know about inner temperature as well as firebox temperature. Get any smoker just according to your choice and value of money.