Grilling Vs BBQ What’s The Difference Between Them?

When we go out for eating meat and meal but confuse it between grilling and barbecuing. You are aware of the term barbecuing and grilling. Do you actually know the difference between BBQ and Grilling?

Are you curious about knowing both Barbecue and Grilling terms? What type of process makes them differ from each other? How to use and how to manage your food on grilling BBQ?

Yes, we are here for you to clear all your quires about BBQ and grilling. There are some different techniques, and they are both set technically to make your food amazing.

As you know, the BBQ and Grill craze has increased and worst according to weather change. If there is summer season, call out your family and friends for enjoying the weather in the backyard.

Similarly, if you are the weather-demanding person who has a craze to enjoy the BBQ and Grilling stuff. For that purpose, it matters most for you to know the term Grilling vs BBQ.

What is the Difference Between Grilling And Barbecuing?

By using heat and fuel, you prepare your food and meat on a grill and make a barbecue. But don’t know the difference between both due to everyday use. We tell you exactly what the actual use of both is.

After knowing the Grilling and BBQ use and techniques, you will be able to enjoy the real taste of food made by these techniques.

Grilling makes the food cooked quickly and in large quantity due to enough space in grills.

On other hand, in barbecuing you can make food slowly due to direct heat and less space for keeping food.

Highpoints of Grill Vs BBQ

We show you the main and high points of both. Which makes it easy and simple for you to select and use for the best.

High-speed cooking on grills and smokers get the heat direct on the grill to make food juicy and cook it in large quantity.

Check the temperature and set it accordingly either for your barbecue or grilling. Look at the main points which are needed to know for backyard lovers. And for your backyard find best offset smoker under $500

High and fast cookingLow and Slow cooking
Start DirectStart Indirect
Cook large quantity of food at same timeCook less quantity food at same time
Use charcoal fuelUse charcoal and wood
Check the temperature directlyCheck the temperature by moving
Temperature range 500-700°F (260-371°C)—Temperature range 200-300°F (93-149°C)—
The average cooking time is 5 to 20 minutesTypically take 2 hours and up to the meat type

Grilling Fast Cooking Method

Grilling is all about fast cooking service which provides you facility to make food quickly due to lid start. On the grill, you can prepare your food fast due to direct heat, but for the use of grilling, you need to know some techniques. Means how to use and start direct or indirect.

In summer, when you want to enjoy the delicious food with your buddies, but you are not the kitchen person. So, In this case you can use a grill for making a lot of pieces of grilled meat for guests. In addition with grilling meat, you can also grill vegetables, corn, and many other foods.

In a very short time, you can make a lot of foodstuffs for your family which gives you tender and juicy flavor. Turn around the foodstuff on the grill while cooking for checking whether it is cooked completely or not. Set an eye on the grill pan because it starts directly, and foodstuff gets directly heat from fuel to food.

Technique on Grilling for Sauces, Spices, and Dressings 

Some are confused about the process of marinades, sauces, and spices in grilling. You can use all these processes before and after grilling on foodstuff. Dressing your food items just before one hour or maybe overnight to penetrate the sauces and spices inside the meat.

Some people use oil, sauces, and spices on the food while grilling for fresh and sharp taste on the spot. But you can use it before grilling which absorbs in the meat and makes the food more tasty.

Make Small Items on Grill

A grill is used for making food quickly. Small food stuff doesn’t need to take more time and low and slow heat. they just need to direct heat at once and then they will be prepared in minutes.

You can make the chops, steaks, corns, ribs, kind of seafood, chicken, small lamb, vegetables, tenderest cuts, fish, and many other small items in a short cooking time with the best and most accurate temperature for grilling your food and enjoy your best grilling time with your friends.

Barbecue Low And Slow Cooking Method

BBQ is all about making food on low and slow heat. For making barbecue charcoal and wood fuel types are used and smoke can also be used for giving more taste to your food. It starts directly and you can set the heat level according to your foodstuff and its thickness.

The heat in the barbeque grill reached the food indirectly. When you burn the charcoal and wood for fuel burning then it relates to the cooking chamber where the meat is kept and held start to ready.

You can add the flavor sticks to take and get more taste of your meat. If you are a meat lover and want to enjoy the cool weather with food. Then you can use the barbecue for your food and enjoy the taste of smoke and smell as well.

Sauces Marinades And Spices Sprinkles

Although food and meat burn and cook by the BBQ, but the taste develops by the marination and sauces and spices which are used during BBQ or maybe before, it is up to you.

You can add the BBQ sauces and spices before barbecuing, mostly 24 hours ago for absorbing completely inside the food and meat.

Make Large And Hard Food Items

BBQ can be used for low and slow heat, but it gives you more taste due to adding smoky and flavor sticks. But you can cook the food in large size and all these foods which have hard tissue which needs time to burn and get heat.

Some food items like lamb, full chickens, fish, large ribs, pork shoulder, turkeys, beef briskets, and many other hard and thick food. You keep and adjust the sewing and start moving for balance heat.


For getting your food and meat tender, juicy and fresh then you can use the grill option. On the grill, you can be made a lot of food items at a time with a high speed of heat which will directly converted into your cooking chamber.

There is a little and simple difference between the heat connection whether it is direct or indirect.

Indirect heat takes time, as fuel burns heat transfers to the cooking chamber. At last, the heat reaches the meat which is placed on the grill and sewed.

Direct heat reaches quickly and after fuel burn heat directly reached up to the grill.

While grilling your food, you can put the design lines on your meat for an attractive look. Because grill grates are made of stainless steel and have horizontal and vertical lines.

No, there is a main difference between the barbecue vs grills. It is the heat process that is reached from the heating chamber to the cooking area.


Grilling and BBQ the meat and food become crazy not today but many centuries ago. But there were a lot of different tools and techniques used. But today it become easy for you to make the BBQ and grill your food.

Make the food fast and juicy you can use the grilling technique. If you want the smoky and large ribs type food, then you can get the BBQ grilling. BBQ makes your food tasty due to adding the flavor sticks. While grilling is simple and only used for direct heat food cooking.