How To Store Wood Pellets (5 Storage Tips & Ideas For Every Season)

Wood Pellets are the natural fuel source that is used for making barbeque. You can use the wood pellets for BBQ to get a delicious and unique taste in your meat. but how to store wood pellets?

It is important to know that wood pellet is used as fuel but how to store and save it from the moisture, dust, air, and other things which become the cause of fuel blow.

We are here to tell you about the lifetime of pellets and their preservation method to save for later. To get the longest life and better performance of wood pellets for making the best BBQ.

If you become careless and lay all about the saving of wood pellets, then it becomes a disaster for your smoky food. The main point is to keep them protected from air, moisture, and soggy conditions.

All about the wood pellets, their use, preservation, safe, wrap, and all the methods will be described in detail. So that it will become easy for you, and you have cleared all the queries regarding this.

Importance of Wood Pellet Storage

This wood pellets storage is a common but key factor to make the BBQ at your stove, offset smoker, and any other burn grill. But increasing the lifetime of wood pellets this article covers each thing that is necessary to know.

What to do and what to do not for the maximum life of untouched pellets. One thing is clear, and you need to understand timely that the dry pellet will be added whenever you need to make BBQ while the wet and moisture pellets will not be able to use for later.

Bad Effects of Burn Wet Pellets

Damp pellets would become the reason for tasteless food for the smoker and any kind of food give a bad taste. This time of fuel does not burn completely and efficiently even will be used in dual quantities. But not give the best result.

These uncovered and soggy wood pellets may cause the temperature to rise and fall, and don’t generate the smoke properly. Even simply refuse to burn.

Moreover, its use depends on the workings of a pellet grill also, the leading spot will be a blockage, and your stove, smoker, and any type of grill where you used the pellets will be stopped due to wet pellets.

Why Do We Need To Store Wood Pellets?

You all think that the other fuels would not be stored, and we do not need to store them. Then why do we store wood fuel pellets?

There is an important key to knowing that wood pellets become small chunks of wood, special wood which is used for burning and after that used as fuel. And it gives the taste as well.

So, be careful about storage and its uses. We store them so, that we will be able to use for later and use them for the maximum time. To lengthen the wood pellets’ life and their useful use wood chunks need to be stored safely.

Methods to Store the Wood Pellets

When you know that the storage process has become the most important and the best method for later use. Then you need to know all the storage and saving methods. Here in this article where we mentioned to you the protection of wood chunks and wood fuel type.

If you are not taking it seriously then it will be destroyed and wasted quickly.

Keep Out from All Wet Sources

As we know all liquid things become the source of wet things. So, you can keep away your wood pellets from water and any type of liquid.

It’s better to away from water so that you can be able to use your pellets for a longer time. Find and select the suitable place where you can keep your pellets of wood for storage from all the sources of water.

In the household, there are a lot of sources where the water and moisture reached your pellet level. Such as the Swimming pools, garden, backyard, lawn, AC units, Tubs, and many more.

Stored in Airtight Tin

When you buy a lot of wood pellets for later use. Or you think that you are so busy and don’t go again and again for buying the pellets. Then you need to use the alternative solution of storing the remaining wood.

The supper and the best way to store all the remaining pellets are an airtight container. This is so helpful and reliable method. Where you do not need to be getting more things. Just only placed and keep the pellets of wood inside the box.

But by the container with the good quality stuff, like hard, durable, stackable, waterproof, and long-lasting jars. You just placed the pellet inside the box and get rid of the worry of wet wood pellets.

Protect Away from Heat

There is a need to protect them from the heat also. No matter what the weather and condition are there. Either it’s cold or hot. Both are generating some temperature.

When the fire burns and heat generate another temperature, especially at the ground level. It will be automatically affected on pellets. After that pellets of wood fuel become useless because they leaked and lose their taste as well.

Away From Rain

If you use the smoker and use the fuel wood pellet, then be careful about this. After use and free from BBQ. Because there is indeed any shelter that protects them from any disaster like rain, fluid, and dust.

Even all other methods such as airtight jars, waterproof jars, household sources, and all other sources should be kept out of the rain.

Because rain is fall in the drops then it will be converted into any container, even the storage place then your pellet will be no longer for use.

Don’t use the Real Packing Method

The more important and common thing to know is that when you buy the pellet at once and take them in large quantities. Then you need to have stored them for later.

For later usage storage of wood pellets should be formal not original. Such as when you buy it’s fully wrapped and packed in plastic bags. But when you opened once then does not need to be packed again in an older style.

Because they will be broken due to their unmovable position. As the company packed with the machines and in such a way when you try to pack in the same manner then they crinkle up and gave the rough particles through which they become useless and worthless.


Why should not store all the wood pellets in their original packing?

Wood pellet doesn’t be stored in the original packaging because they are packed by machines. When you try to put it back in their box and plastic bags. They don’t move properly.

They crinkle up and give the rough particles of wood which become worthless and useful for later use.

Can we mix the old and new wood pellets?

No there is no need to mix all the old and new wood pellets. Because they lost and expired over time. This means the power of burning and giving the smoke becomes less due to the chunks of wood pellets’ quality and time.

How do we believe that after the storage method that wood pellets are saved and protected from any algae?

You need to watch and see after some days and check them with the help of shuffling. So that all the up and down chunks will be leveled and preserved for a longer time.

Final Words

Storing wood pellets, is the most important and useful thing to know about fuel type. As you know that other fuel types are used directly and don’t need to be stored them. But for this wood fuel type, we need to save and store it for longer use.

We shared each minor and common method with you that will be helpful for storage of wood pellets. Protect from rain, keep them in the shelter, away from all the water sources. And you can also store them in airtight jars or containers which are made of good quality and waterproof as well.