7 Easy Tips On How To Keep Wood Chips from Burning in Smoker In Every Season

There are different moods and craze to enjoy the BBQ made at home. For that purpose, home is the best place where you can make your BBQ with wood chips.

Spring arrivals change the mood, and you want something delicious. That’s why we love to arrange the get-to-getter with friends, families, and fellows to enjoy some quality time and eat some smoky foods.

But there is a problem, that when we made BBQ and ready smoke meat out wood burning quickly. So that it becomes the reason of finished quickly and we won’t enjoy all the time just due to this. Buying the wood chips, again and again, is not easy for all of us due to the high cost.

What should we do to save this for later? What to do from burning them quickly? And how many wood chips we can use at once to smoke trail?

All your quires and confusion finished by reading this valuable article. We share all the basic information about this so that you can feel at ease and get some useful information.

What Are The Wood Chips?

Woodchips are tiny pieces of wood that are gotten from plants, and trees. All the large woods were cut into small pieces and given the small size woods, then called wood chips.  

Wood Chips are the fuel type that is used for burning and from this you can be able to make the BBQ by keeping them in a smoker charcoal box. Wood burns and gives the smoke, smoke reach at your cooking box and able to cook your meat. And give you a wonderful and delicious flavor.

Why Do We Use the Wood Chips for Getting Smoke?

Wood chips are used as fuel for burning and making smoke meat and food as well. These woodchips are the best choice if you want to make food for grilling and small stuff as well.

We say that they are used for that food does not need high burning and large quantity food. They are just used for a small time. If you make BBQ and want some small items like burgers, patties, steak, chicken, and fish.

The main reason behind this is people get confused and ten due to the quickly burn off the wood. We tell you how to away wood chips from burning quickly while BBQ.

How To Preserve Woodchips From Burning In Smoker

There are a lot of methods and tricks which are used for wood burning preservation. This means that wood chips we can use for a long time. Used for the large quantity of food-making process.

Now you are thinking that water is the only option which will be used for saving them. Yes, with this a lot of other tricks to save them. Let’s read them.

Keep In Aluminum Foil

This Aluminum foil paper is a more useful trick to preserve them. When you want random fire and urgent-based fire for smoking, you can use aluminum foil. It generates high fire but burns your chips slowly. Which becomes ease and more useful for you.

keep woodchips in aluminum foil from burning in smoker

Method to Use Aluminum

  • On your grill center place the aluminum foil paper piece which is required according to the grill center.
  • Keep the chips of wood on the paper.
  • All other chips wrap in foil paper. Leave the little hole space on the top of the aluminum paper.
  • This trick is used for both dry and wet wood chips.
  • When your woods stop smoking then change the foil paper.

Wood Chips Soak In Water

Many people don’t agree about this method. But this is a true and effective method to preserve from burning quickly. You are confused about either wood soaked in water before burn or after burn.

Both before and after methods are used but there is a lot of time taken to burn the wood chips after a soak. No matter wet or dry.

Some people say that chips after soaking are not given the taste of smoke gently. But this is a simple and easy method to save them.

Alter The Wood Box

Wood box where you keep the chunks for burning needs to be set and adjust perfectly. You must set it in this way where the heat directly reaches the cooking box and grill. It helps you to control and handle the level and speed of wood chips burning.

Damper covered and open often as indeed and air filled inside the box. This flow of air gives you more time to use these chunks for a long time. When you close the box, it will give you high temperatures which are under the control system. 

Use Less Chips Of Wood

When you start cooking and smoking you need a high flame. That’s why you used lots of chips which cause the quick burning of all woods. You think a lot of chips give high smoke and flame. But there are some lost points for you to losing your wood chips.

As needed for chips to take smoke then add while smoking in small quantity. More quantity of wood chips while smoking may cause a fire outburst. So, whenever you add the wood to the box for burning, take care of its balance.

Set The Air Flow Level

When you are making BBQ and grilling, obviously you used an open-air place where you set your smoker. At that time, you need to be careful because open air easily reached the burning level and causes the burn wood chips more and more.

The airflow level must be set by the bow handy fan. You need to continuously see and use the fan for balancing the air level. 

Use Longer And Thicker Size Chips Of Wood

The most effective and longer use of wood chips is their large size. When you buy the chunks of wood in large size then it will take time to burn. But don’t burn quickly. With the large size of chips, you can get the best taste of smoke and longer use for the bigger party as well.

When you buy the large size of chips, then there is not enough the large size in length but also matter the thickness of wood chips.

You can use the thick chunks that burn for a long time and give you the best reach of smoke which makes your meat the most delicious. So, choose the thicker along with the longer. 

Making Box For Wood Chips

Make the box and some quality box space where you can add some wood chips. In the box, wood will be covered together. They won’t be spread on all the grill space but only covered and take specific space which you can set and make for them.

From this box, the fire burns and gives a smoke taste as well. Your smoke will last longer and use less wood which becomes easy and useful for you to make more items.


Different kinds of woodchips are used for the BBQ and Grilling.

Alder, Hickory, Pecan, and Beech are the best kind of woodchips. They all are used for both grilling and BBQ.

Yes, wood chips give the taste. Due to the quality and wood type, it gives different types of smoke taste affect your food. Like sweet, mild, fruity, bacon, subtle, and sometimes sweet but not fruity.

No wet chips only give the smoke but do not generate a high fire and flame.

No wet chips take more time after socking themselves in water and any moisture condition. They take a lot of time for burning properly.


Knowing how to keep wood chips from burning in the smoker is a very reliable and useful trick. This method to preserve and keep from burning is very important to know so that you can get the delicious taste of your food and get your favorite dishes as well.

There is a simple and easy method that can be followed by anyone because the simple method has not taken you at any cost. But use your mind accurately to find them to keep for longer use.