How To Season An Offset Smoker Step-By-Step-Guide in 2024

The most common question asked from the users is how to season an offset smoker. In this article we will discuss all about it. The purpose behind seasoning a smoker is same as we season other oven and grills and other camp cooking equipment’s.

If you purchased your brand-new smoker than you need to clean it and have to season it before start using. In this article I will guide you step by step how to season your offset smoker. From the word seasoning the question may rising in your mind is that, why we need to season an offset smoker.

The answer of this question is to deep clean it and to create a protective layer in order to protect it from rust and wear.

The principle of season different types of offset smokers is same. You need to season an offset smoker if you are buying a new one. If you are buying a used smoker than you do not have to worry about it. This article is related to how to season a new smoker.

You need to clean used offset smoker and for new smoker you need to season it.

The purpose of seasoning is to make a thin spray of oil on the surface of Offset smoker to protect it surface and it will be easy to clean.

The things you will need to season and offset smoker are list down below.

  • Oil Sprayer for coating (oil can be, vegetable, cooking oil, olive oil, canola oil etc.)
  • Charcoal grates cleaning brush.
  • Fabric or paper towel to clean to wipe the offset smoker.

In the below down section, we are going to discuss the steps including in the seasoning of an offset smoker. In this article we will not discuss how to use an offset smoker. You have to follow these steps for your guidance to season your offset smoker in a proper way.

We are going to discuss just seasoning of an offset smoker not any specific kind like, side smoker, horizontal smoker, how to season a charcoal grill, offset wood smokers, side smoker grill, firebox smoker or offset grill smoker.

Steps to Season An Offset Smoker

5 steps to season an offset smoker

1-Coat with Spray of Cooking Oil

Use oil sprayer to spray cooking oil on the inside surface of Offset bbq smoker, do not spray on the steel grills because there is no need to spray oil on it and also do not spray cooking oil outside surface of Offset smoker. Spray on the surface of cooking chamber and firebox. On the outside surface of the smoker there is no need of spray the oil during offset smoking.

2-Fire Light

There will be fumes hanging inside the smoker, if you are using aerosol can. In this situation, keep open the doors of your offset smoker for 15 minutes that all the fumes should be gone. During the wait for the fumes be disappearing. light charcoal, for 20 minutes in Charcoal Chimney starter that it should catch fire.

After putting the alighted charcoal in the firebox, close the all doors off and the vents half open to keep the fumes flue. In order to season your smoker correctly or in a correct way, you need to put it on 150-degree constant temperature for two hours. It should be minimum for two hours.

You will find during the process that the oil applied on the surface of smoker will baked and it will make a shiny coating on the surface of smoker where oil is sprayed. This shiny coating will work as a protective layer to protect your smoker.

3-Temperature Monitoring

You need to monitor the temperature of inside offset smoker by the temperature gauge consistently to manage it 150 degree for two hours. Once you make it happen you will find a shiny layer on the surface of smoker. You can repeat the seasoning process annually. During the seasoning smoker process you have to check and put more coal in order to maintain the temperature on required level.

4- Checking

When the two hours burning process will complete. You will find a shiny protective layer on the inside surface of your smoker, this is the result of seasoning an offset smoker and this is the thing you have you to maintain for whole year. Just you need to be careful during the use and cleaning it that to protect this protective layer from scratches.

5- Clean Smoker After Smoking

It is not necessary to clean the inside surface of your smoker after grilling. You may remove or damage protective layer. To protect the layer, use a soft towel or a smooth cleaner that it should not make scratches on the surface of protective layer.

If you want to clean the inside grills of your smoker, just remove the grills and wash them in a sink, this way it will not damage the protective layer. The best way to protect the coating layer is to use paper towel or soft material fabric. It will not damage the seasoning layer. You need to know it for using an offset smoker.

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Things you Must be Aware Of

Most important thing you have to keep in your mind is that you need to protect the shiny protect layer, which appears after the seasoning process completed. Make this layer protected from scratches and wipe out. Always use paper or soft fabric towel like microfiber cloth to clean it. This will make it avoid from scratching inside of the surface.

This soft fabric or towel will be sufficient to clean the inside surface and will avoid the surface of the smoker from scratching.

It will be sufficient to wipe out the fat and other greasy material from the interior surface of the smoker. For cleaning the grills and cooking grates, remove them and clean outside of the smoker.

Once you will successful in protecting the layer, your smoker will be safe from rusting and damage from other issues and factors.


After reading this article you will be able to understand the process of seasoning an offset smoker and the steps followed in this process. Its very easy process and whole process will take only few hours. The process is very simple and takes only few steps, the equipments and products used in this process are not costly and expensive.

In this article we are not discussing what is an offset smoker and types of other smokers. After reading this article you will be able to answer the question how to season smoker. Because the information is related to season new smoker.

You also do not need much equipment’s and the process is also not very complicated. Last thing to be remember is seasoning a new offset smoker is essential, you need to season it to protect your smoker from rust and ware. Seasoning is also necessary because it will save your food from harmful fumes which can be produce due to manufacturing derbies.