UDS VS Offset Smoker Which One is Best?

As the world grows fast, want to use new and unique things to earn the best time with the good feels. So, the BBQ has become one of the craziest for many people, but they all are super crazy about making it at home. For this smoker required.

Here we tell you about the main difference between UDS and Offset Smoker. What things and features make them differ from each other and how to use and set them? We tell you each step to set and use and their pros and cons as well.

Ugly drum smokers and offset stick burners both are the most using smoker which is become a priority to get at the best and most cheap price. Both can be easy to season, easy to use and get benefit efficiently.

What is UDS Smoker?

UDM is a cheap smoker type, which stands for the Ugly Drum Smoker. Its looks like a barrel drum. Drum smoker is used mostly because of carrying easily jut due to its lightweight. A man who is most crazy about making the BBQ and enjoying the moment while BBQ on smokers either it Is ugly or offset.

The structure of the ugly smoker is designed and built in such a way that you can make and cook a huge variety of food items. It allows BBQ believers to make loads of food on the heavy grill. All the food items such as ribs, prime, briskets, any type of meat, full chicken, lambs, and many more you want to make.

It’s made in the manufacturer area. Drum Smokers’ fuel efficiency holds in the best manner. It is designed for BBQ brethren uds means that it was user-friendly, lightweight, and designed for cooking your food items on each edge.

UDS will be Designed in two places

  • Manufacture
  • Home 

Length dimension and Width Diameter 

As the drum is all about 55 Gallon but the whole gallon drum in length is about 34.70 inches and in width, it’s 20.50 inches.

Seasoning the UDS Smoker

Ugly Smoker seasoning means to change and exchange it with some old oil drums. This process and the method convert the oil drum into a cooking chamber of ugly.

Drum Smoker Use

We are going to show you everything you need to start smoking. We tell you how to start and use the barrel drum smoker.

Put your charcoal and wood into the chimney and wait until the charcoal and other fuel type turns to a grey color. Grab your chimney and add it to your charcoal cape. The amount of charcoal in your chimney will depend on the size of your cork.

The great thing about using the charcoal briquettes is you get an even cooking temperature when you bring your rack up closer to your grilling racks. After adding the charcoal probably about 5 to 10 minutes. Temperature up so that you can add the meat to the grill for BBQ Smoke.

You get a quicker cook or lower down for a gentler cook such as for cooking seafood or chicken.

Is the ugly smoker grate size varying or the same?

The mostly UDS smoker grate size is the same because of its same structure and size as the smoker.

The weight size of Ugly is almost 30 to 55 Gallon. Dimension size is 18 to 22 inches in diameter. 

Structure of Ugly Drum Smoker

All the structures of gallon are designed in the best manner and unique way where you can easily cook your meat. The structure and design show you and make it easy for you to take simple steps while making BBQ.

Let’s see what types of material and another fully assembled package along with the UD Smoker.

  • 30 to 50 Gallon Drum
  • Charcoal Basket
  • Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Steel Hanging Rods
  • Three-Point Barrel Stand
  • Standard Grill Graze
  • Wooden Hook Remover

Grate Structure 

The grate and grill size is the same almost in all ugly smokers. The size is about 18 to 55 Gallon which is enough to carry at any place. The grill is designed a round. It’s made with the heavy and best material. The grill can easily be set and removed at any time. Made BY stainless steel.


  • Drum smokers get under the mini-budget.
  • Easy to carry and move anywhere.
  • Use in open weather.
  • You can make and build the drum smoker gallon at home by exchanging the old oil drum.
  • Set the heat and smoke according to your desire.
  • Make loads of meal due to vast grill grate.


  • By the look wise it’s not attractive.
  • Setting the charcoal and wood fuel inside the box is a little difficult.
  • Temperature does not measure through a digital meter.

What is an Offset Smoker?

Offset smoker is a smoker’s most basic and superior type where you can get the best amazed due to enjoying BBQ. The best offset smoker is used for making BBQ and cooking loads of meals. You can enjoy your time with your buddies and families in cool weather and feel the smoke taste as well.

A smoker is mostly designed horizontally, and some are designed vertically. But most of you people want to buy the horizontal smoker because of looking good and make a huge variety of foods at a time.

You can enjoy most of your time with your family, friends, and others by eating and making BBQ. the smoke of BBQ is taken through the heat and smoke of fuel types.

Why people selected it most

Peoples use it most just due to its innumerable benefits and joys. The food and food items make at a time in huge quantity with the good taste of fuel by adding the flavored chips while BBQ. Grill grates are designed in such a way that your food becomes crispy, tender, and juicy as well.

Portable designed and easy to carry with the help of one member you can move at the plan surface. Because of its wheels which made by the hard stuff. Hooks and the shelve are designed into the bottom and front side as well.

Best for Backyard and Garden

Offset designed especially for the backyard. You can buy it, set it, and adjust it. After all, you can keep it in your garden and home back area where you can go and make the BBQ at an offset to enjoy your time.

The greenery and pure nature of the garden splendid your heart and mind but along with the BBQ it makes you feel super happy and crazy. The smoke smell and charm of BBQ may be fulfilled just due to keep set offset in your backyard because it’s the best backyard BBQ system.

Offset Smoker Use

Firstly, buy it and adjust it, at their exact place. After that start marination to your meat. Burn the fuel means charcoal and wood in a chimney. After this put the burned fuel in the charcoal box. Start consuming heat from the firebox to the cooking box.

Place your food items on the grill and cover this with the damper. On the upper side of the damper, you will see the inside temperature of the cooking chamber.

When your food becomes able to eat then surf out into dishes. Blow the burning charcoal and remove the ash from the firebox and clean your smoker. at the end cover it with its fiber cover.

Structure of Offset Smoker

The offset smoker is designed perfectly to give you ease and reliability in making the BBQ. we will show tells you each structure of smoker and its use as well. Just knowing about the structure means you feel at ease and efficient in using it.

Let’s see how much and which features are designed in the offset smoker.

  • Cooking and Firebox chamber
  • Shelves
  • Cooking Grates
  • Hooks
  • Strong Wheels
  • Digital Temperature Meter
  • Ash Tray


  • A portable design that is best for beginners.
  • Digital meters indicate the cooking temperature.
  • Cooking grates make your food crispy and juicy.
  • Ash will be removed easily.
  • Give you dual taste due to adding the food flavored chips.


  • Offsets are more expensive than other smokers.
  • For beginners, it’s difficult to set and adjust.
  • Consume more heat and smoke.
  • Not move easily due to being heavyweight.

UDS Vs Offset Smoker

Here we tell you the main difference between drum smoker vs offset. It’s made it easy and convenient for you to select for buying the best smoker for your home and your use. As you know what an offset and drum smoker is and how to use them.

But one thing is more everything as its cons and pros which is indeed to know so that you can feel easy while using.

SpecificationUDSOffset Smoker
Fuel TypeWood and charcoalWood and charcoal
CategoryFuel typeFuel type along with flavored chips
ColorAny color according to drum gallonBlack
Best ForMaking BBQ for the little familyBest for making loads of food
SetSet easilySet difficult at the first time.
StructureVertically designed as a drum.Horizontally designed as a piano
Food LoadMake less foodMake more food
Heat convertsFrom bottom to upper side.From the firebox to the cooking box via the hook.
Temperature measureAnalog meterDigital meter
Remove and cleanClean and removing ash little difficult.Clean and remove ash easily.


The material and stuff that is used in ugly drum gallons depend upon the stock such as plastic, steel, stainless steel, and fiber.

It varies according to the rate and stuff which you want to get for making BBQ.

Not only the first time you just need to set and adjust. After that, you can easily use this by just burning the fuel and heating the smoker fully, and start cooking and enjoying your BBQ.

No, it’s only used with the fuel of charcoal and wood. No need to relate to electricity because it creates more difficulty for you.

Final Words for UDS and Offset

Smoker gives you more joy and can fulfill your craze about BBQ. Both are designed for making BBQ and making food. But people can select anyone from both smokers. Drum smokers get at a cheap price and set into your home at any place.

On the other side box smokers offset designed for making loads of food and enjoy the smoke flavor and enjoy the smell as well. Burn the fuel type and set it into the firebox. Blow the fan and make the best BBQ. Move easily from one place to another. If you want to buy expensive and stylish then go and check the offset otherwise, you can buy the drum smoker at a very reasonable price.